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Who to Hire in the Contracting Livestock Segment

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The 2023 Brakke Consulting Animal Health Industry Overview1 highlights contraction in the livestock segment of the animal health business. What’s happening and what does it mean for the animal health job market?

Shrinking herds

The livestock segment of the animal health business is cyclic and is now contracting. Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and high feed costs are driving down the national poultry, cattle and swine populations. 1 High feed costs also mean less money available on the farm to pay for treatments. More than ever, every dollar a farmer spends must add demonstrable value.

Livestock animal health: searching for innovation

While today’s livestock farmers keep an eagle eye on costs, they look for technologies that will save money or make the most of each dollar spent. Precision medicine is one area of animal health innovation that’s making a difference on the farm.

Electronic cattle tags make tracking and sorting each animal faster and more accurate. Artificial intelligence systems quickly identify and treat sick animals, improving overall herd health. Advances in embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization technologies improve reproductive efficiency and herd genetic health.

New hiring needs in the livestock segment

With technology playing an increasingly important part of food production, new animal health jobs will require people with different skills. The animal health industry needs experts in information technology, data management, and even artificial intelligence to help farmers reap the maximum benefits of these new opportunities.

Along with the right technical abilities, smart animal health hiring managers will look for people with right innate talents to boost their company’s competitiveness. They seek candidates who are driven to overcome challenges and motivated by competition, and who do not give up easily. All supported by a passion for animal health.

Finding the right job candidates

If you’re a hiring manager, Animal Health Jobs can help you find the people you need. We understand the farm animal health sector better than anyone else. Candidates in our database are selected for their fitness for the animal health industry.

When filling your most pivotal jobs, our executive search team sorts through candidates to find those with just the right skills to lead your team into the future of the animal health industry. And the Brakke team behind It’s All About People will assess candidates for the right innate talents that lead to success.

Hire your next competitive advantage

Cyclic downturns in the livestock sector turn your top performers into competitive advantages. The best talent is in high demand for animal health jobs in general management, technical expertise and customer contact roles. At Animal Health Jobs, we know who these people are and what they’re looking for. Contact us now for help finding them.


Success in the livestock segment of animal health means finding candidates with the right mix of talents, skills and passion. The candidates you need are here Animal Health Jobs. Post your animal health job opening with us, or contact us for help with executive searches. Join the top animal health and animal nutrition companies at the premier jobs marketplace in animal health.


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Who to Hire in the Contracting Livestock Segment
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