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Americans Love Farmers!

Americans Love Farmers! 

What's the most positively viewed industry in the United States? Farming and agriculture!

In a recent Gallup poll evaluating American's views of 25 different business sectors and industries, the highest-ranked sector was part of the animal health industry. We're so proud we have to crow about it!

In the 20 years that Gallup has been tracking these industries, and farming has always had a generally positive image. But in 2020 and 2021, it was at the top of the list  - perhaps because we've all become so much more aware of what it takes to get food, whether animal or plant based, to our tables in the midst of a pandemic.

Numbers two and three on Gallup's list were the restaurant and grocery industries, again reflecting the importance of food in American life and livelihoods. Locked down to protect ourselves against COVID, we rediscovered that eating is not just functional, a matter of taking in fuel. It's also about community, making connections and reducing feelings of isolation. In one recent study of communal eating in the UK, a key finding was that social eating initiatives, where people across a community come together to share meals, "play a key role in facilitating social connections and addressing social isolation." 

To replace physical contact with family, colleagues and friends, people began cooking and eating together over video platforms. This increased attention to the food we eat, and the challenges in obtaining that food, may have been a factor in farming and agriculture's number one ranking.

Those of us who work in animal health and animal nutrition know how fulfilling our jobs are. More than two-thirds of us are happy at work (for more on this survey, click here, significantly more than people who work outside animal health.

What makes a job in animal health different?  The animals! Everything we do is about helping animals and their people live happier, healthier lives. That might mean hands-on care for the animals, developing more tasty and nutritious pet foods, raising the grains that cows, pigs and chickens eat, or producing medicines, vaccines or apps that help veterinarians and owners prevent, treat and manage animal diseases.

People who work in farming and agriculture, or in any part of animal health and animal nutrition, share a deep and abiding love for animals. From sheep to Shih Tzus, we always work to make their lives better. No wonder Americans love farmers!

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Americans Love Farmers!
Amanda McDavid