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Is Animal Health is Your Happy Place? Employees Say Yes!

If you're familiar with the animal health industry, you have probably experienced its members' deep level of commitment.  The Animal Health Jobs 2021 Attitudes Survey explored current animal health job candidates' opinions of their jobs and companies. We found that people working in animal health are notably happier than their colleagues in other industries.

Job satisfaction: are you a happy puppy?

The survey asked Animal Health Jobs candidates "On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you at work right now?"  The answers were remarkable. Significantly more people working in animal health (68%) reported being happy at work, as compared to only 38% of respondents not currently working in animal health.  People working in animal health rated their happiness nearly 2.5 points higher than did people currently working outside the industry. Although these ratings were not significantly different, the trend is consistent with other significant results.

The bees' knees

Respondents next indicated how likely they were to recommend their current company as a good place to work, using the same 1-10 scale. Three-quarters of  respondents currently working in animal health were likely to recommend their company as a good place to work; only 42% of people working outside animal health would do so.

Sit. Stay. Why?

Happiness at work translates to job stability: 36% of respondents currently working in animal health were content to stay in their current roles, while only 9% of their counterparts in other industries were similarly content. This difference was significant, and highlights the consistency that supports animal health company performance. When employees remain in their role for long periods, they gain expertise and make connections that help the business. Perhaps this stability in the workforce was one reason that 9 of the top 11 animal health companies delivered growth in 2020 (Brakke, 2021). (To request a copy of this white paper, email Amanda at amanda@animalhealthjobs.com).

Respondents not actively looking for new roles  were asked to rank the importance of 5 factors to answer the question, "what makes you stay at your company?"

Not surprisingly in these turbulent times, the top reason to stay was compensation; the second was meaningful work. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 were supportive management, connection to the team, and company culture.

Animal health employees remain engaged with the industry despite the challenges of 2020 and the COVID crisis. They are generally positive about their careers and the industry's goals. People who work in the animal health industry are, as we say, here because they want to be.  

To learn more about our survey, read the full white paper email Amanda to request a copy at amanda@animalhealthjobs.com.  If you're looking for your next great job in animal health, register now at Animal Health Jobs. Search current postings, and sign up for notifications about new jobs that fit your profile.  

Is Animal Health is Your Happy Place? Employees Say Yes!
Amanda McDavid