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The Beating Heart of Animal Health

Members of today's animal health industry feel closely connected to its mission. Many say that they cannot imagine working elsewhere.

Our recent Animal Health Jobs 2021 Attitudes Survey of candidates in our Animal Health Jobs database confirmed that people working in the industry love it, and want to stay.

Current attitudes and feelings

To explore the employee-industry connection, we asked respondents with experience in multiple industries to describe their feelings about working in animal health. Their commitment to the industry stood out like a Great Dane at a poodle show.   

More than two-thirds of respondents planned either to only work in the animal health industry, or noted that it would "take a lot" to get them to work outside the industry. Perhaps that's why the mean working time in animal health for survey respondents was 15.5 years, more than one-third of the traditional American 40-year career.

Industry Snapshot

Respondents made it clear that animal health careers are about challenge and connection. When asked to describe their careers in animal health, respondents used words like "rewarding," "challenging" and "exciting." One person described the industry as   "a community of intelligent, passionate people who take pride in their work."

"A community of intelligent passionate people who take pride in their work. I love Animal Health... each day brings new challenges "

Sad Puppy Eyes: What would you miss?

Asked what they would miss on leaving the industry, our respondents most often cited the people, the animals, and the chance to make a difference.

We can't think of a better way to describe it than this respondent, who shared their experience of leaving and looking back: "I did leave, and am trying to come back. I miss the animal interactions, but also the satisfaction that goes with knowing you have helped an individual or company that in turn is helping, feeding, or providing opportunities for others."

The animal health industry is on a mission to help make life better for animals and their people. To learn more about our survey, read the full white paper. If you would like to receive a copy of the full white paper, email amanda@animalhealthjobs.com.

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The Beating Heart of Animal Health
Amanda McDavid