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Your Animal Health Career: A Special Animal

At Animal Health Jobs  you'll find animal health and animal nutrition companies looking for experts in marketing, sales, supply chain, production and leadership, as well as for veterinarians. How can you plan your dream career in animal health?

First choose the horse, then hitch the cart

Do you want to lead a sales team? Become an expert in developing tasty foods for cats? Teach veterinarians about new products? First decide what you want to do. Then you can choose the right career steps to get you there.

Make thoughtful career choices

Planning your career in animal health is not 'one size fits all.' You have unique career interests and goals. Your career path will be unique too. Human Resources Director Linda Michaels reminds us that "career planning is being purposeful about the career decisions you make." Plan your career path based on your interests and the available opportunities.

Leap for the prize

Talk with your manager, Human Resources, and leaders of other departments as your career progresses. Volunteer for projects that teach you useful new skills.  Apply to jobs that use those skills. Set up job alerts and check for new positions on the Animal Health Jobs Board regularly.  

Embrace the unexpected

Be prepared to take a risk.  Some of the most successful people in the animal health industry move laterally, to different functions or companies, before moving up. Linda Michaels advises that "Breadth of experience in animal health can’t be discounted." That might mean taking on a special assignment, or moving to a new state or country. If an opportunity opens new doors, go through them!

Changing horses

Your career goals can change over time. Perhaps you start as a Professional Services veterinarian, then become fascinated by R&D. Or maybe you're a marketing expert bitten by the leadership bug.

Michaels reminds us that "career planning can look different at different phases of life." Special projects, moves, even international assignments can fit your needs at some points in time, but not in others. Make choices that fit your whole life, inside and outside the office.

Build your animal health career now

With a goal, some planning, and motivation you can create the animal health career of your dreams. Are you ready for the next step? Upload your resume to Animal Health Jobs and sign up for job alerts. Start building your unique animal health career today.  

Your Animal Health Career: A Special Animal
Amanda McDavid