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Sharing Our Animal Health Holiday Traditions

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All of us at Animal Health Jobs are looking forward to a relatively ‘normal’ holiday season, where we can return to traditions that might have been put on hold for the past few years. As we prepare for the holiday break and visits with family and friends, we would like to share some of our animal-related holiday traditions with you.

Nurturing ourselves in nature

Getting out into the open is one tradition that many animal health insiders enjoy. Many of us take the time for long walks with our dogs, over hill and dale or just around the local park.

Animal Health Jobs Administrative Manager Amanda McDavid shares a family tradition that developed between her mother and her daughter: a real outdoor trail ride. Amanda’s daughter takes indoor lessons near home, but as she says, “being on a mountain trail is entirely different!”

Pet reindeer…sort of

Several of us sheepishly (sorry, we couldn’t pass on the pun) admit to dressing our pets up for the holidays. Dogs, cats, and horses wearing reindeer horns, Santa hats, and even a costume of Max, the Grinch’s dog, have been known to appear in family holiday photos. One pet participates in the family ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ competition!

The Holiday Table

Food is an important part of the holiday season. Many of us have beloved recipes, some passed down for generations. As members of the animal health and animal nutrition industry, we are particularly aware of this. At the holidays, many of us take a moment to thank the farmers who raised the animals that grace our tables. Some of us eat animals we have raised or hunted ourselves.

Whether enjoying rib roast, smoked salmon, or a bacon-wrapped Thanksgiving turkey, we appreciate the animals and all it takes to bring them, healthy and nutritious, to our holiday gatherings.

Our animals are part of the family

What would the holidays be without some family competition? Whether we’re playing football, watching a game, skiing, or hiking, our animals are with us. Our dogs participate in family football and basketball games, our cats walk all over the Monopoly board, and our roosters wake everyone up early on Christmas morning. Our holidays would not be the same without them.

Which holiday traditions reflect your love of animals and connection to the animal health industry? Whatever they are, may they continue to bring you pleasure for many years to come.

From all of us at Animal Health Jobs, Brakke Consulting, and It’s All About People best wishes for the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons!


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Sharing Our Animal Health Holiday Traditions
Amanda McDavid