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(Archived) Brakke Consulting 3rd Party- Head of Veterinary Clinical Services- Equine Focus

Last Updated: 7/21/22

Job Description

*Job Location is in an Asian Territory*
Compensation includes relocation fees and bonus incentives

Purpose and Scope

The job holder is responsible for leading and managing the department’s operations by providing all veterinary clinical services (including rehabilitation) to racehorses in training, and for retired racehorses and all other horses. This includes overseas runners competing in international events, and runners competing abroad.

The department’s facilities proudly includes state-of the art infrastructure and equipment for delivery of veterinary clinical services, including high-grade hospitals and pharmacies are operated. The facility also has a fully equipped rehabilitation unit.

Key Accountabilities


-- Lead the department to deliver excellent veterinary clinical services to all horses under care.
  • Ensure world-class racing via excellent veterinary clinical
  • Ensure best practice in clinical care, including new technology as appropriate, preventative racetrack medicine and advanced rehabilitation
  • Ensure a complete and high level of staffing (24/7, 365 days/year) to provide both routine and specialist clinical care through recruitment and development.
  • Support all horse movements and transportation.
  • Maintain high levels of routine and acute care and that staff comply with all quarantine
  • Develop appropriate sourcing and administration of approved medications.
  • Ensure full veterinary support to all horses for international sale.
  • Monitor health/injury trends and alert appropriate officials of any notable exceptions.
  • Ensure that colleagues provide high quality veterinary advice to “customers.”
-- Develop multi-year plans for veterinary service delivery across dual training sites, and for support of twin facility horse movements.

-- Set realistic budgets and ensure operational adherence.
  • Monitor and manage income and expenses, while maintaining expected standards of care.
  • Set and regularly review charges for professional services and consumables and ensure coordination with Finance.
Organizational Culture

-- Create a culture of cross-functional collaboration, integrity, accountability and respect. Ensure staff collaborates with others to ensure highest standards of integrity, including doping control, fitness of horses to race, welfare, biosecurity and infectious diseases control.

-- Ensure that the staff supports:
  • Stable operations to coordinate delivery of veterinary clinical services with other work flows there.
  • Owners’ services programs to provide owners with a high-value ownership experience and to develop future
-- Maintain a high level of integrity within, particularly with regard to:
  • Veterinary examination reports, insurance issues, clinical records, retirement,
  • Create a culture of learning, teamwork, mutual respect and continuous improvement.
  • Conduct performance reviews.

-- Ensure that all staff within the Department comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Minimize all risks related to equine drug use and compliance.
  • Maintain facility safety and security, including custody of drugs and other prohibited items, and the protection and safety of equipment.
Research and Training

-- Provide training opportunities for local veterinary students and provide support local veterinary schools. Foster the organization’s involvement in research that enhances the health and welfare of racehorses including active involvement in Equine Welfare Research Foundation projects.
Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of ten years in experience in managing a large in equine clinical
  • A primary degree in veterinary science from a university that is recognized by the local Board of Veterinary Surgeons together with relevant post graduate qualifications and proven experience in Thoroughbred racehorse veterinary practice.
  • Good understanding of sound scientific practices and an ability to critically assess the published literature and define veterinary clinical research
  • Working knowledge in interpreting financial reports.
  • An adept clinician with considerable experience and self-confidence who can take responsibility for and show leadership over complex clinical cases is
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English.

Company Details

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
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