Veterinary & Poultry Supply, Inc.

Veterinary & Poultry Supply, Inc.

Veterinary & Poultry Supply, Inc.

At VPSI, you'll work with an honest company that's dedicated over six decades to connecting farmers, dealers, and veterinarians with the right supplies to keep their animals healthy and their businesses thriving.  
Goshen, Indiana, United States Goshen, Indiana, United States

Company Information

We supply farmers, veterinarians, feed mills, and dealer stores with animal health supplies and equipment.

Though we have a stores at several of our locations where you can stop in and pick up your animal health supplies, we're much more than a farm supply store.

Our sales reps work personally with each customer and meet you where you need them.

This means that our customers get the right supplies to keep their animals healthy, their stores and clinics stocked with items that sell, and the products they need to grow their business.

Whether that's a dealer location with multiple stores, a local veterinary clinic, a large-scale producer with thousands of animals, or a small family farm. Our reps have access to our full range of products and deliver direct to your farm, store, clinic, or feed mill.

What drives us? Helping our customers succeed in their own business.

When you call into one of our locations you'll talk to a real person that cares about the health of your animals. When you talk to your sales representative you'll work with someone that knows the industry and which of the thousands of products available will work best for you.

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Company History

When Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. (VPSI) opened in 1957, we were providing supplies for local poultry producers in Indiana. We started as a small, family owned and operated company dedicated to helping our local community raise healthy animals.

Today we're still family-owned and operated. And we're just as dedicated. But our family and the community we serve has grown over the years. Now we have locations in 7 states across the Midwest and we're continuing to grow.

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