Aurora Pharmaceutical

Aurora Pharmaceutical

Aurora Pharmaceutical

Aurora Pharmaceutical is proud to be a veterinarian-owned manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical products made in the USA. We have a small company culture in a fast-growing, customer-driven environment. We thrive on giving people opportunities to lead in an innovative environment.  
Northfield, Minnesota, United States Northfield, Minnesota, United States

Company Information

ABOUT AURORA PHARMACEUTICAL Better medicine, higher output, increased consumption

Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc., is a veterinary pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing company headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota. Our focus and goal is to provide customers with products that maximize livestock and companion animal health.

We understand how valuable each animal is to their owner and when an animal suffers, their caregiver shares the pain. Our veterinary medicines are carefully formulated to improve animal health and well-being.

Three decades of experience

Based on more than thirty years of experience in veterinary practice, medicine, agriculture, and research and development, Aurora possesses unique expertise to fulfill a wide array of needs within the veterinary industry today. With promising products and patents in the pipeline, Aurora is positioned to be a strong, local leader in veterinary health care.

Experienced veterinarians in our company have worked closely with animals and their caregivers. We have a unique understanding of the science behind delivering healthcare solutions which return greater profits to the owners.

Environmental awareness

We take pride in the environmentally-friendly technologies we use to create revolutionary, high quality products. Aurora is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration, and is committed to complying with all regulatory requirements.

Aurora constantly improves formulations by removing harmful ingredients, while increasing efficacy of the medicine, as well as closely working with environmental agencies to continue our green manufacturing process.

GMP Compliance

Aurora Pharmaceutical was founded by DVM's with over 39 years of experience in the animal health industry and with a passion to develop innovative animal health solutions.