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Posting your resume, searching our job listings, and submitting your resume to a specific job is absolutely free. You need only register and submit your resume to start the registration process. Your resume will then be screened for animal health experience, and once approved, you are free to take advantage of all the jobseekers' services.

Because we know that you value your privacy and time, your name and contact information is never given to interested companies until you answer our email and verify your interest in the job opening. When you post your resume you get to choose Public or Private. A Public resume can be seen by employers when they search the resume database, but all contact information has been hidden. A Private resume results in only your qualifications being seen by the employer. But when you submit your resume to a job or respond to an interested employer email, your intact resume is submitted regardless of whether you are Public or Private.

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Since the inception of, the most popular service for employers has been job posting. The rates for posting are competitive, and discounts are available for multiple job listings. Your company's exposure to qualified candidates can be further enhanced by taking advantage of the Featured Job and Featured Employer options. Posting a job is a straightforward process. First, register your company. Then, select the job package that best suits your needs and pay via credit card using our secure site. Finally, post your job using our easy-to-use form. All jobs are reviewed to ensure that only animal health and nutrition industries are represented on the site.

Animal Health Jobs is not just another job board. Our primary goal is to supply you with pre-screened, better qualified candidates that meet the animal health industry's high standards. Every job seeker's credentials are reviewed before they may register with our recruiting web site. By eliminating many non-qualified job seekers, we do the first stage of the selection process for you! 

You may also use AHJ as an open job board for all job seekers.

Option One - Prescreened Direct Email

All job seekers must register with our web site and be approved to apply for jobs. You set up an email address for applications. You receive a standard industry questionnaire and the job seeker's resume. Job postings are stored under your account on our web site. If you chose our email application method, all applicants to the job posting are captured under each posting for your review and later use. This builds a reservoir of interested job seekers.

Option Two - Prescreened Permanent Link

As with the email method above, you select a permanent link to your web site or even it's career section. You will only be forwarded prescreened job seekers. Job Postings are stored in your account, but not applicants.

Option Three - Open To All Job Seekers

You insert in the body of your job posting a link to your web site, email address, or an exact link to the job posting within your web site. This allows all interested parties to apply, Postings are stored in your account. If you have inserted a link to yojur web site that is converted to a red CLICK on.

Employer Registration and Recognition

When you are ready to post jobs on our site you fill out a registration which establishes your account. A company profile section is provided where you enter your company name, web site address and a brief write up. This information is accessible for public view in our "Registered Employers" section on our home page. Job seekers may review listed companies and open a profile for information. If you have active job postings they will be displayed below your profile.

Searchable Resume Database: Access to our resume database allows you to conduct a targeted search for qualified applicants. As long as you have an active job posting or pre-bought job you are free to search our resume data base and store potential candidates in file folders. Only when you decide to start requesting selected confidential contacts do you have to pay for this service.

Fee Schedule for Resume Searches

Up to 25 contacts………$375 (cost for 1 job)
26 to 50 contacts………$721 (cost for 2 jobs)
51 to 75 contacts……..$1068 (cost for 3 jobs)
76 to 100 contacts…….$1352 (cost for 4 jobs)

AHJ's Extended Job Posting National Exposure

Unlike other sites that post jobs for only 30 or 60 days, AHJ posts for 90 days - more and longer exposure. We do this because many animal health jobs require degrees or experience in specialized disciplines, so candidates can take longer to find. This also allows you to gain candidates for future reference if you use our email application method. All applicants are stored under each job posting in your account.

Contact Animal Health Jobs using the "Contact Us" display on our Home Page.

Customized Recruiting Assistance: We offer a variety of value-added services to facilitate your search for the ideal candidate for your job opening.

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