You pay separately for Resume Contacts versus doing job postings. 

Step 1:

As long as you have an active job posting or a pre-bought unused posting with AHJ, you may search our resume data base. While you are searching you should store resumes in created folders by geography and/or type of position needed. You do not have to pay anything until you decide to start making contact requests with job seekers. Therefore the search costs you nothing unless you find some good candidates that you want to contact. Resumes are either classified as Public or Private. The Private ones show very little information. Public resumes exclude of the person's name, location and contact information, and any references.

Step 2:

Once you have decided to stop searching and start making contact requests then you must purchase quantities listed below. You simply buy a posting(s) to cover the number of contacts you want to make. 

Step 3:

Once you have put in your contact requests we will start forwarding your requests to the job seekers in confidence. You must fill out a job title and location on the request. Salary level is optional. You will not know who they are unless that want contact with your company. They also must keep their email address up to date so we can contact them. If they reply "Yes", then we will email their information to you.

Contacts     Amount

1-25          $375    (1 Standard pre-bought job) 

26-50        $721    (2 jobs)

51-75        $1068  (3 jobs

76-100      $1352  (4 jobs)