For job postings on Animal Health Jobs consult the rate chart below. All job postings run for 90 days. This has been shown to generate more candidates for more difficult to fill jobs. If you need our Elite Recruiting Services call the Brakke Consulting offices at 336-396-3916. You will then be directed to the appropriate recruiter. 

For positions wherein a single person is responsible for a multi-state area, such as territory sales, you may chose up to three cities within the territory when filling out your job posting. We recommend also including these cities in the body of your job post to enhance your job's search engine visibility. Job seekers are sensitive to location and often prefer not to move. This generates considerably more referrals versus other web sites that offer only one city choice. 

However, you cannot put more than one territory position into one job posting.

Job Packages

Quantity Of Purchase Price Per Job Volume Discount % Off Featured Job Cost Featured Employer Pre-Qualified Resume Database Job Banks Loading
1 Job $375.00 -- $20.00 $40.00 FREE FREE
2 Jobs $356.00 5% $15.00 $35.00 FREE FREE
3 Jobs $356.00 5% $10.00 $30.00 FREE FREE
4 Jobs $338.00 10% $5.00 $25.00 FREE FREE
5 Jobs $338.00 10% FREE $20.00 FREE FREE
6 Jobs $338.00 10% FREE $15.00 FREE FREE
7 Jobs $319.00 15% FREE $10.00 FREE FREE
8 Jobs $319.00 15% FREE $5.00 FREE FREE
9+ Jobs $300.00 20% FREE FREE FREE FREE

(You have 12 months to use your quantity purchase with protected pricing)

Brakke Consulting Elite Service
Our signature full-service recruiting package, plus advertising posting of a single job until filled.

Services include:
  • Identify and qualify candidates
  • Present resumes of leading candidates to employer
  • Telephone review and discussion of leading candidates with employer, leading to decision on top 3 to 5 candidates to be telephone interviewed by employer
  • Discuss results of telephone interview with employer contact
  • Arrange and schedule face-to-face interviews between candidate and employer
  • Provide feedback on interview to candidate and employer
  • Work with employer to determine leading candidate and assist in preparing an offer range
  • Interface between candidate and employer until agreement is reached