DBC Ag Products

Parent Company

The Daniel Baum Company

US Headquarters Location:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

World Headquarters Location:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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At DBC Ag Products, we develop and deliver innovative all-natural solutions that target intestinal health to overcome animal agriculture's toughest challenges.

Our unique, proprietary formulas focus on the optimal combination of new and proven technologies to support optimal digestive health and help promote a healthy immune system to deliver profitable results for our customers.

In addition to First Arrival® w/Encrypt® and Last Stand® w/ImmWave®, DBC Ag Products is proud to offer a broad line of additional products and ingredients designed to meet your animal health and performance needs across a wide variety of species.

Species: Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Swine, Horse, Fish, Deer and Camelids

Target Areas:

Immune support
Support optimal digestive health (calf, lamb, kid, pig, foal, as well as older animals)
Natural health solutions
Forage inoculants
Direct Fed Microbials
Feed digestibility, feed utilization and productivity
Organic material fermentation (mulch, lagoons, etc.)
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