Revo Squared LLC

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Atlanta, Ga

World Headquarters Location:

Kennesaw, GA

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Revo Squared has over 38 years of experience in the field of digital radiology and we have installed hundreds of systems over the years.

Our products are all proudly American made, DICOM compliant, and priced competitively. DuoView™, RadView™, RAD-1™, and MicroView™ are priced to fit any budget. We know efficiency, quality, and support are the key components in veterinary practice. No other company offers more support for your clinical needs than Revo Squared. The systems operate in any Windows environment, XP forward, and use very high-quality video in the desktop computer that is an integral component of the system.

The systems are linked to and can be controlled by Revo Squared's home office through a commercial technical support program where Revo Squared can see operators using their systems in near real-time.

Because of their compact size, the Company’s systems typically drop into place on the existing x-ray table with minimal physical modifications to the table.

Revo Squared's software is DICOM-compliant, the industry standard for the capturing, transmitting and storing of digital radiographic images. In today’s environment virtually all office management systems are capable of interacting with this DICOM standard.


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