Parent Company

Novartis Pharmaceuiticals Corp.

US Headquarters Location:

Greensboro, NC

World Headquarters Location:

Basel Switzerland

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Novartis Animal Health focuses on the well-being of companion animals and on the health and productivity of farm animals. Most of its products are available by prescription through veterinarians.

Novartis Animal Health is at the forefront of new and better treatments for the most common pet ailments such as internal parasites, fleas, renal, heart and allergic diseases. For livestock and farmed fish diseases, Novartis Animal Health offers prevention through vaccination as well as therapeutic products to treat parasitic and bacterial infections.

Scientists at Novartis Animal Health are striving for improved animal care by searching for new therapies and novel delivery technologies. New molecules are identified by screening novel compounds from own research, through external collaborations as well as by building on Novartis'' experience in human medicine.

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and present in almost 40 countries, Novartis Animal Health employs about 2,200 people worldwide and achieved sales of $682 million in 2003.

Novartis Animal Health has three businesses: Pet Health, Farm Animal Health and Aqua Health. Our product range covers pharmaceuticals for parasite control and various pet health conditions as well as insecticides for farm fly and pest control. In general, the products are available by prescription through veterinarians.


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