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Van Beek Nutrition is a family owned company that had our beginning in 1997 in Orange City, Iowa. Ron Van Beek, a dairy nutritionist, had a desire to build a company of nutritionists that had their own facility to blend minerals for their clients. In the ensuing 17 years we grew from an idea to a seventeen person company with premix blending facilities located in Twin Falls, Idaho and Schoolcraft, Michigan. We currently have six consulting nutritionists on staff and provide expertise to more than 120,000 dairy and beef animals across the United States.

We believe firmly in a life/work balance. To us that means we work hard and take time for vacations, ourselves and our families. We provide an excellent benefits package and our nutritionists are very highly compensated. We work in a very independent fashion and have the support of each other and our company. Our company provides an umbrella of protection that takes care of all of the daily needs associated with being a nutritionist such as vehicles, computers, software, telephones, purchasing, blending, delivery, collections, liability, legal contracts, etc. This allows us to focus our time on our clients and our family, both of which we love.

Our customers are extremely important to us. We forge lasting relationships, many of which date back to the 1990's. We focus on our clients and their challenges, making them and their families more successful. This allows them to grow as a business and provides our company with a constant source of growth as well. Our clients reward us by purchasing our premix and providing us with referrals. We maintain our focus on prospecting for new clients as a source of personal and company growth.

We love being challenged and we love to win. We will always win with integrity. There is no other way to compete and there is no other way to win. If we cannot maintain integrity we will walk away from that challenge. We will always do the right thing. We will do the right thing for our company, our employees, our clients and our families.

As a company we also focus on the bottom line. Making a profit is important to us. Profits allow us each to be an integral part of a healthy, solid, growing company.


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