New Ways to Generate Traffic

We are always seeking new ways to generate new traffic to AHJ. Over a period of time we have watched Top Key Word Search data from Google Analytics and a monthly report from Indeed. There are two primary key words or combinations that job seekers use to reach positions in our industry. “Veterinary Sales” and variations of “Animal Health”. There are other words used in our job placements that are also important: Veterinarian, Regulatory Affairs, Companion Animal, Production Animal, and Equine. We just completed a study with Google and Bing using 6 common job titles and found these led you among others to Animal Health Jobs. They can even lead you to an exact job on our site.  Careerjet also popped up several times associated to us. Therefore we are going to institute a policy that all Sales Positions on AHJ will have the word “Veterinary” inserted as the first word in the job title. Many management and technical positions will have “Animal Health” inserted first for those job titles.  If a job has enough other key words related to animal health we will leave it alone. We believe this move may significantly enhance job seekers getting to AHJ and our job postings.

Animal Health Jobs
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