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Finding Regulatory Candidates Can Be A Challenging Affair

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Regulatory Affairs can be one of the most difficult to fill positions, making increased visibility especially critical. Recently, we looked into potential ways to draw traffic to this challenging category. First, we contacted several universities that offer graduate degree programs in this field.  Several Universities maintain a passive link to AHJ as a part of their student out placement assistance. Secondly, we did a nationwide key word search to see what is happening on other career websites.

It was a nightmare.

Sponsored and Easy Apply jobs repeat over and over again, which makes it difficult for job seekers to find specific job postings. We looked through almost 100 pages and 1500+ postings to ultimately find just 20 Regulatory Affairs jobs from companies associated with the animal health industry. That equates to a measly 1%. Candidates have a better chance of hitting a target blindfolded, which means chances are they've closed the page before ever coming across your open position. They lose, and more importantly, so do you. 

What can you do to help ensure your highly-specialized job is seen by potential hires? Instead of hoping that the perfect candidate will find your needle in the haystack, take a little extra time to develop a strategy that will maximize your job's search engine optimization and visibility. 

  • Use relevant keywords. Consider what these words should be and how they could be incorporated into your job post's title and description. Don't forget location keywords! Many job seekers are sensitive to location. Include these in your description as well. 
  • Advertise your job smartly. Consider whether a mass market job board is right for your specialized position. A job that is likely to get lost on a large board can benefit from being posted instead to a smaller, dedicated job site. And don't forget to synergize with platforms you already maintain. Use your own newsletters, blog, or LinkedIn pages to link back to your job listing. 
  • The current of the internet is swift. The unfortunate side effect of living in such a technological world is that information is swept away almost as soon as it hits the water. Positions which take longer to fill may need to be promoted more than once. Again, this does not necessarily mean you need to buy a new listing every 30 days - remember the synergies above, and consider how you can use those to bring more attention to a job post that may be a few pages down.
Finally, sometimes hiring a professional recruiter will achieve better results than any computer algorithm. People know people; technology doesn't.

At least not yet.

Finding Regulatory Candidates Can Be A Challenging Affair
Jessica Montgomery