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Using Keywords to Generate Traffic

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Keywords are what search engines like Google use to determine what your content is about. Get smart about using them, and your post is more likely to show up at the top of the list.

The primary keyword combination that job seekers use when searching for positions within the animal health industry is, unsurprisingly, “animal health”. But including “animal health x” in the description isn’t the only way to reach potential new hires. Here are some other keywords to include in your job post.

Did you know that “veterinary sales” is the second-most searched term for animal health jobs? Including this phrase alongside animal health will help increase the chances of a search hitting upon your job listing. More specific industry relevant keywords and variations include Veterinarian, Companion Animal, Production Animal, and Equine. Consider using these in your job description to increase your job’s visibility.

Using Keywords to Generate Traffic
Jessica Montgomery